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World and Press April 1 2023

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Original Pressetexte aus britischen und US-amerikanischen Medien Sprachtraining, Landeskunde, Vokabelhilfen und Übungsmaterial für Fortgeschrittene Sprachniveau B2 - C2

World and Press April 1

April 1 2023• No 7 • 75th Year of Publication •Original Pressetexte aus britischen und US-amerikanischen Medien€ 3,00 [d]Sprachtraining • Landeskunde • Vokabelhilfen • ÜbungsmaterialIN FOCUSB2–C2• Opinion: I want my flagback• Cryptocurrency:What crypto meltdown?Pages 2/3USA• Dress code: Femalelawmakers told to smartenup• Nebraska: A streetcarnamed undesirable byWarren BuffettPages 4/5BRITAIN• Environment: Ageinglandfill dumps threatenEnglish beaches• Wind power: King’s windfarm to generate £1 billionfor BritainPage 6OTHER TOPICS• Australia: InvasionDay rallies on Australia’snational holiday• Society: Renting as asingle woman in India• Business: The techvisionary whose businessis privacy• US: California vs.Florida – a tale of twoAmericasPages 8/9/11/13Happy Easterto all our readers!The »World andPress« team| Photo: PixabayNew York City schoolsare banning access to ChatGPT.The artificial intelligence bot letsusers ask the tool to write essays orcomplete coding assignments.Read more on pag e 4UK voters’ scepticismabout Brexit has increased throughthe past 18 months. But there’slittle incentive for opposition torevisit the issue, say analysts.Read more on pag e 7Britain and E.U. reset relationswith new post-Brexit deal forNorthern IrelandBREXIT It was not clear if thenew agreement would be enoughto help restore a functioninggovernment in Belfast.By William BoothBritish Prime Minister Rishi Sunak shakes hands with European CommissionPresident Ursula von der Leyen after announcing a new Northern Ireland trade deal inFebruary. | Photo: Dan Kitwood/AP/Picture Alliance1 BRITISH Prime MinisterRishi Sunak – trying really, reallyhard to finally get Brexit done –on Monday announced an agreementin principle with EuropeanCommission President Ursulavon der Leyen on how to handleNorthern Ireland trade.2 Resolving this toxic bit of leftoverBrexit business has been describedas a defining test for Sunak.People are watching to seeif he can improve chilly relationswith Europe and help restorea functioning government inNorthern Ireland. He also hopesto bend ardent Brexitersin his ConservativeParty, who didn’t quitetrust him, to support hispremiership.3 The mechanics, paperwork,taxes, andinspections of trade betweenGreat Britain andNorthern Ireland – for themovement of British medicines,pets, sausages, machineparts, seeds, and eggs – has beena consuming issue between Belfastand London and, to a lesserextent, with Brussels.4 Unionist politicians in NorthernIreland didn’t like how the territorywas treated in the originalBrexit deal, negotiated by PrimeMinister Boris Johnson in 2020.They complained that new customschecks and other controlson goods coming into the Northfrom Great Britain underminedtheir connection with the rest ofthe United Kingdom. And so theyhave been boycotting NorthernIreland’s power-sharing government,creating paralysis withinthe executive and assembly inBelfast – while extremists stokefears of a return to sectarian violence.5 Under Johnson, the Britishgovernment introduced a bill tounilaterally override that part ofthe Brexit deal – which in turn aggravatedEuropean Union leadersin Brussels, who took Britain tocourt, charging that it was erodingtrust and poised to violate internationallaw.| Photo: Getty Images6 Sunak and von der Leyenappeared to be on better termsat a news conference in Windsor,England, on Monday. Theyheaped praise on each other fortheir commitment and courageas they celebrated what are essentiallytweaks to a side tradedeal between huge economies.Sunak called it a “decisive breakthrough.”The pound rose againstthe dollar as markets reacted.Continued on page 12€3,50 [a] CHF5,40 [ch]0 – 2 TO RESET(fig) auf ein neues Fundamentstellen — leftover übrig geblieben — chilly (fig) unterkühlt— to bend s.o. jdn. dazu bringen — ardent(fig) glühend — Brexiter Brexit-Befürworter(in)— premiership Amt als Premierminister(in)3 – 4 mechanics Funktionsweise — paperworkBürokratie — seeds Saatgut — consuming alleseinnehmend — unionist e-e enge Bindung an GBbefürwortend — to negotiate aushandeln — toundermine untergraben — paralysis Lähmung;s.w.u. to paralyze — executive Exekutive —assembly h.: Parlament — to stoke fears Ängsteschüren — sectarian violence religiös motivierteGewalt5 bill Gesetzentwurf — unilaterally einseitig— to override außer Kraft setzen — to aggravates.o. jdn. verärgern — to take s.o. to court gerichtlichgegen jdn. vorgehen — to erode zerstören — tobe poised to do im Begriff sein zu tun — to violateinternational law gegen internationales Rechtverstoßen6 – 7 to be on better terms besser miteinanderauskommen — to heap praise on s.o. jdn. mit Lobüberschütten — essentially im Grunde genommen— tweak kleine Änderung — decisive maßgeblich

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