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World and Press August 1 2022

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Original Pressetexte aus britischen und US-amerikanischen Medien Sprachtraining, Landeskunde, Vokabelhilfen und Übungsmaterial für Fortgeschrittene Sprachniveau B2 - C2


16 World and Press | August 1 2022 Continued from page 13 Die nächste Ausgabe erscheint am 13. August 2022. The Spanish Steps in Rome, before they were damaged by a Maserati. | Photo: Sirus Azadi/Unsplash Sat-nav gives Maserati driver a bumpy ride down Spanish Steps ITALY The Maserati SUV broke several steps. By Tom Kington 1 A SAUDI MANwho drove a Maserati down the Spanish Steps in Rome has claimed he was following his sat-nav. The 37-yearold engineer, who has not been named, smashed stone steps as his rented Maserati Levante SUV careered down them at 4am on May 12. “He has told police he is sorry, that he takes responsibility, but said he was following his navigator,” said Carlo Dalla Vedova, an Italian lawyer representing the man. 2 Built in 1726, the Spanish Steps are a symbol of Rome, offering a view across the city. While driving along the street accessing the top of the steps in the company of a Romanian woman he was said to have met that evening, the man veered left down the steps, then stopped a short way down. 3 “Video from the scene shows him getting out of the car, holding his head in his hands while the woman starts yelling,” Dalla Vedova said. “He called a tow truck, but no one came, so he managed to turn the car around and drive back up the steps.” The man now faces a hefty bill for the damage. 4 “The entrance to the steps looks like a road – there is no sign or light in front of them to warn a driver,” Dalla Vedova added. © The Times, London/News Licensing This article originally appeared in The Times, London 0 – 4 SAT-NAV(coll) Navi — bumpy holprig — the Spanish Steps die Spanische Treppe — rented gemietet — to career down hinunterrasen — to access erreichen — to veer left nach links abdrehen — tow truck Abschleppwagen — hefty bill saftige Rechnung 11 In Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, two of the other Pacific nations where the Queen is head of state, support for – or at least acceptance of – the monarchy remains high. However, in the tiny state of Tuvalu, the government has begun a review of its constitution, including whether the Queen should remain as sovereign. 12 Michael Kabuni, a political science lecturer attached to the University of Papua New Guinea, said his nation avoided the negative effects of British colonialism and instead holds Australia more responsible for past injustices suffered in colonial administration. “When you look at Papua New Guinea’s history, there’s nothing to cause hate for the Queen of England,” he said. “So whenever there’s a [royal] visiting Papua New Guinea, they put up a show. That does not mean that there is popular support for the monarchy, it just means that people generally don’t mind or don’t care.” © The Times, London/News Licensing This article originally appeared in The Times, London. 11 – 12 Papua New Guinea “Æpœpu´ nju… "gIni‘ — review Überprüfung — to hold s.o. responsible jdn. verantwortlich machen — injustice “In"dZøstIs‘ Unrecht — administration Verwaltung — to put up veranstalten Lernplattform Ihre August- Prämie! Lernen Sie den Kundenbereich unserer Lernplattform kennen: Mit dem Passwort spz2022 können Sie sich eine Online-Übung (H5P) und Aufgaben zu einem Podcast für die Kompetenz Hörverstehen gratis freischalten. • Die Sprachzeitung • (1) Boris Johnson leaves ... Los Angeles Times; 08.07.2022 (2) Why we need … Chicago Tribune; 25.04.2022 (3) The two faces of a ruined … The New York Times; 29.05.2022 (4) A rural county in Iowa … The Washington Post; 14.05.2022 (5) Why can’t smoggy … Los Angeles Times; 10.05.2022 (6) Too many first-class … The Guardian; 12.05.2022 Troubles amnesty … The Times; 11.05.2022 (7) In London, a long-awaited … The New York Times; 14.05.2022 (8) Bayeux Tapestry … The Times; 13.05.2022 In a pandemic of medical … The Guardian; 18.04.2022 references solution (9) Plants grow in lunar soil … The Washington Post; 12.05.2022 (10) Tesco pilots in-store … The Guardian; 12.05.2022 Apple discontinues its … Bloomberg News; 10.05.2022 (11) Need a Big Mac out on … The New York Times; 05.05.2022 (12) In a first, women are in … The Washington Post; 20.05.2022 (13) Canada is ready … The Times; 21.05.2022 (14) Brexit study reveals … The Guardian; 04.05.2022 In a massive Chinese sinkhole … The Washington Post; 19.05.2022 (15) ‘The Colony’ by … Star Tribune; 18.05.2022 (16) Sat-nav gives … The Times; 16.05.2022 Page 15 | Across 4 DISSOLVE • 5 ORDEAL • 7 TRANS- FORMATION • 9 PROXIMITY • 10 DESCEND • 16 RELEVANT • 17 LASTING • 18 SOBERING • 19 SIGNIFICANCE Down 1 RESPONDENT • 2 PERCEPTIVE • 3 CALAMITY • 6 SOARING • 8 BEDROCK • 11 SOLITUDE • 12 SHALLOW • 13 ANGUISH • 14 RELAY • 15 SHAMBOLIC • 16 RAPPEL

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