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World and Press February 2 2022

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Original Pressetexte aus britischen und US-amerikanischen Medien Sprachtraining, Landeskunde, Vokabelhilfen und Übungsmaterial für Fortgeschrittene Sprachniveau B2 - C2


16 World and Press | February 2 2022 BBC weatherman Owain Wyn Evans during his 24-hour drumathon. | Photo: BBC A BBC News weatherman raises over million in a drumathon CHARITY By Jennifer Hassan and Annabelle Timsit 1 DURING Britain’s first coronavirus lockdown, weatherman Owain Wyn Evans ended a forecast by jumping onto his at-home drum kit to accompany the widely recognized BBC News theme to end his broadcast. “When they said try working from home I didn’t realise they’d expect me to do the music too,” the BBC weatherman wrote in an April 2020 tweet featuring a clip that has since been viewed more than 6 million times. 2 The viral moment resonated with many around the world adjusting to working from home and wondering when life would 0 – 2 WEATHERMAN Meteorologe — drumathon “"drøm´T´n‘ = to drum + marathon — drum kit Schlagzeug — to accompany “´"kømp´ni‘ begleiten — broadcast “"brO…dkA…st‘ Sendung — to feature beinhalten — to resonate with s.o. “"rez´neIt‘ bei jdm. Anklang finden — to adjust to “´"dZøst‘ s. auf etw. einstellen müssen — rendition Darbietung 3 – 5 in need in Not — to fund finanzieren — vulnerable “"vøln´r´b´l‘ gefährdet — to be sore h.: s. wundgespielt return to normal. This weekend, Evans took his original performance to the next level – playing the drums for 24 hours on live television to raise money for charity. The highlight of the “drumathon,” which began Friday, was his rendition of the BBC News theme song – which got the help of a 50-person ensemble of professionals and amateurs. 3 The drumathon raised £2.7 million for BBC Children in Need, a charity that funds projects or organizations that support vulnerable children. Evans, who drums as a hobby, said he is a little sore – but mostly feeling “inspired” by the public’s support for his idea to turn the viral moment into something more. 4 “I feel good,” he said Sunday in an interview with ‘The Wash- solution ington Post.’ “I’ve got to put ice on my arms,” which are scattered with bruises, he said, along with his right leg, which he used to operate the bass drum pedal repeatedly as he worked his way through a playlist featuring Britney Spears and Celine Dion. 5 The drumathon created another viral moment on social media this weekend: The clip that Evans shared Saturday evening of the BBC News theme remix had been viewed more than 2.4 million times on Twitter by Sunday afternoon. 6 The 37-year-old, who describes himself on Twitter as “unapologetically flamboyant,” said in the interview that his passion for drumming helped him with working from home amid the pandemic, which he said he found a “terrifying time.” Evans described his work from home experience as “surreal,” explaining that he would wake up, put on a three-piece suit, and then “wander out into the garden with his cat” to bring viewers the latest weather report. … © 2021 The Washington Post Abo PLUS oder PREMIUM haben — scattered with “"skœt´d‘ übersät mit — bruise “bru…z‘ Bluterguss — to operate “"Åp´reIt‘ bedienen — bass drum pedal “beIs‘ Fußmaschine — repeatedly “rI"pi…t´dli‘ immer wieder 6 unapologetically “ønÆ´pÅl´"dZetIk´li‘ bekennend — flamboyant “flœm"bOI´nt‘ extravagant — amid “´"mId‘ inmitten — terrifying schrecklich — surreal “s´"rI´l‘ — three-piece suit Dreiteiler Page 15 | Across 1 DEVASTATED • 6 NOXIOUS • 7 SOCIALIZE • 9 RESILIENCE • 11 SURGE • 15 INSULATE • 17 IMPLY • 19 UBIQUITY • 20 BEEKEEPER Down 2 DEDICATE • 3 HIVE • 4 INVERSION • 5 POPULARITY • 8 SCRUTINIZE • 10 STARVATION • 12 LAVISH • 13 DEVOTEE • 14 HELPMEET • 16 SHIFT • 18 FUEL | Foto: Die nächste Ausgabe erscheint am 26. Februar 2022. Listen Up! podcasts • Authentisches Hör- und material mit Übungen – auch fürs Video- Abitur! (1) Is Putin bluffing … The Washington Post; 25.01.2022 (2) At last, a sports … The Times; 03.12.2021 (3) Europe revisits nuclear … The New York Times; 29.11.2021 (4) America’s next … The Times; 07.12.2021 More American adults say … Bloomberg News; 20.11.2021 (5) The midwestern city where … The New York Times; 20.11.2021 (6) Scottish islanders … The Observer; 05.12.2021 U.K. pushes for power to … The Washington Post; 19.11.2021 (7) How UK voters lost … The Guardian; 04.12.2021 (8) Children can walk … The Times; 22.11.2021 Bird joins the jet set … The Times; 11.11.2021 references für nur € 3,95 (9) Barbados is finally … Miami Herald; 29.11.2021 (10) How your employer can … Los Angeles Times; 23.11.2021 Dress to impress … The Times; 06.12.2021 (11) Avocado glut leaves … The Washington Post; 03.11.2021 (12) What you need to … Miami Herald; 21.11.2021 (13) NASA launches new … The New York Times; 29.11.2021 (14) Honeybees survived … The New York Times; 04.12.2021 Can you say ‘Squid Game’ … The Observer; 04.12.2021 (15) ‘The Husbands’ by … The Washington Post; 24.08.2021 (16) A BBC News weatherman … The Washington Post; 14.11.2021

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