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World and Press Januar 2 2022

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Original Pressetexte aus britischen und US-amerikanischen Medien Sprachtraining, Landeskunde, Vokabelhilfen und Übungsmaterial für Fortgeschrittene Sprachniveau B2 - C2

World and Press Januar 2

January 2 2022 • No 2 • 74th Year of Publication • Original Pressetexte aus britischen und US-amerikanischen Medien € 2,50 [d] Sprachtraining • Landeskunde • Vokabelhilfen • Übungsmaterial IN FOCUS • Opinion: Biometric technology in schools • In Focus: Poland’s heartland would rather keep EU money than break with bloc Pages 2/3 USA • Car racing: Formula One racing is gaining traction in the United States • Politics: The redistricting wars have begun Pages 4/5 BRITAIN • Football: The Saudi-led buyout of Newcastle United • Economy: Boris Johnson claims a positive in Britain’s shortages Pages 6/7 B2–C2 OTHER TOPICS • Art: Vienna museums now post on OnlyFans • Canada: A language bill deepens a culture clash in Quebec • Business: Britain’s Royal Mint to turn trash to treasure • Comment: COVID’s biggest scalp will be globalisation • Cybercrime: Natural disasters can set the stage for cyberattacks Pages 8/9/10/11/13 Get the vocabulary trainer! | Photo: Getty Images Social media companies have struggled with the difficulty of trying to determine whether their users are under age. Now AI can spot underage app users. Read more on page 12 Guilty verdicts in Georgia bring ‘that small glimpse of hope’ VERDICTS Three men were found guilty of murder in the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery. By Jenny Jarvie, Jaweed Kaleem et al. 1 RELIEF, YES.Rejoicing – that’s more complicated. The murder convictions of three white men who gunned down Ahmaud Arbery on a suburban street in Georgia last year drew broad approval across the United States on Wednesday, even from England could become the first country to prescribe e-cigarettes to people who want to quit smoking. This could be a boon for the vaping industry. Read more on page 6 Demonstrators marching near the courthouse during the Ahmaud Arbery trial in Brunswick, Georgia, in November. | Photo: Getty Images many conservatives who agreed that justice demanded the trio be held accountable for chasing and killing an unarmed 25-yearold Black man who was running through their neighborhood in shorts and a T-shirt. 2 From a courtroom in the Deep South, where 11 of 12 jurors were white, it seemed common ground had been found after nearly two years of a national reckoning on race. But while the verdicts in Brunswick were widely applauded, many saw an America still grievously beset by injustice, with an uncertain path to genuine reconciliation even as the offenders were led away in handcuffs, and Arbery’s family celebrated a victory that had eluded others like them for generations. | Photo: Pixabay 3 The guilty findings against Gregory McMichael, his son, Travis McMichael, and neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan came at a particularly fraught moment – a backdrop of relentless political rancor, exacerbated by exhaustion over a deadly pandemic that has been grinding through and reshaping America like an unending trauma. 4 Outside the Glynn County courthouse, not far from the salt marshes and rivers that thread around this city of old Victorian homes, retired city government clerk Delores Polite beamed. “I was skeptical because of old history,” said the 65-year-old community activist. “But this is new history.” 5 For a case whose details unfolded in such wrenchingly intimate fashion, its scope was nonetheless seen as far-reaching, much like the police murder of George Floyd, whose death galvanized the Black Lives Matter movement. David Anderson, a Black megachurch pastor in Columbia, Maryland, said that to him, the outcome encompassed “much more than Arbery.” “Our nation is sorely divided on race,” said Anderson, 55. The guilty verdicts, he said, “give us that small glimpse of hope, that justice can roll down like water.” Continued on page 12 Die Nr.1 unter den Vokabeltrainern. €2,80 [a] CHF4,50 [ch] 0 – 1 GUILTY VERDICT“"v‰…dIkt‘ Schuldspruch — glimpse of hope Hoffnungsschimmer — relief “rI"li…f‘ Erleichterung — rejoicing “rI"dZOIsIN‘ Jubel — murder conviction Verurteilung wegen Mordes — to gun s.o. down jdn. niederschießen — to draw approval Anklang finden — to hold s.o. accountable “´"kaUnt´b´l‘ jdn. zur Rechenschaft ziehen — to chase verfolgen — unarmed unbewaffnet 2 courtroom Gerichtssaal — juror “"dZU´r´‘ Geschworene(r) — to find common ground e-e gemeinsame Basis finden — reckoning on race Auseinandersetzung mit Rassismus in der Gesellschaft — to applaud begrüßen — grievously “"gri… v´sli‘ schwer; schmerzlich — beset by von etw. geplagt — injustice “In"dZøstIs‘ Ungerechtigkeit — genuine “"dZenjuIn‘ echt; aufrichtig — reconciliation “Ærek´nÆsIli"eIS´n‘ Versöhnung — handcuffs Handschellen — to elude s.o. jdm. versagt bleiben 3 – 4 fraught “frO…t‘ angespannt — backdrop Hintergrund — relentless unerbittlich — rancor “"rœNk´‘ Groll; Verbitterung — to exacerbate “Ig"zœs´beIt‘ verschärfen — exhaustion “Ig"zO…stS´n‘ Erschöpfung — to grind through (fig) heftig zusetzen — to reshape umgestalten — salt marshes Salzwiesen — to thread around “Tred‘ s. um etw. ziehen — city government clerk “klA…k‘ Mitarbeiter(in) der Stadtverwaltung — to beam strahlen 5 wrenchingly “"renSINli‘ qualvoll; herzzerreißend — scope Tragweite — nonetheless “Æ--"-‘ dennoch — to galvanize in Schwung bringen — to encompass “In"kømp´s‘ umfassen — sorely zutiefst

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