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World and Press July 2022

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Original Pressetexte aus britischen und US-amerikanischen Medien Sprachtraining, Landeskunde, Vokabelhilfen und Übungsmaterial für Fortgeschrittene Sprachniveau B2 - C2

World and Press July

July 2022 • No 13/14 • 74th Year of Publication • Original Pressetexte aus britischen und US-amerikanischen Medien € 5,00 [d] Sprachtraining • Landeskunde • Vokabelhilfen • Übungsmaterial IN FOCUS B2–C2 • Opinion: The hidden ugly side of the beauty industry • Geopolitics: With us or with them? Pages 2/3 USA • Young people: Youth voters not pleased by either party • Art: The Museum of Graffiti in Miami Pages 4/21 BRITAIN • Brexit: As Britain turned away from the E.U., Northern Ireland turned to Sinn Féin • Coronavirus: Cuts in Britain could cause a COVID-19 data drought Pages 6/20 OTHER TOPICS • Ukraine: Jews of Odesa are on the move again • Food waste: Co-op to ditch use-by dates on its yoghurt • Business: Newspapers keep eliminating print days • Environment: How tree planting could help, or harm, the planet Pages 8/10/11/13 Get the vocabulary trainer! | Photo: Terri Cnudde/Pixabay An economist has provided evidence that drinking tea – sweet, boiled water infused with a mildly addictive plant – powered the Industrial Revolution. Read more on page 7 Like record players and VHS tapes, landline phones are being embraced by nostalgic fans as an antidote to an increasingly digital way of life. Read more on page 23 Boris Johnson wants to junk parts of Brexit deal on Northern Ireland POLITICS The move prompted pushback from European diplomats and stands to anger U.S. officials. By William Booth and Karla Adam 1 BORIS JOHNSON’Sgovernment on Monday introduced legislation that threatens to rip out a central plank of the very Brexit deal the prime minister hailed as a victory – the agreement with the European Union that controls how goods move between Britain and Northern Ireland. 2 The highly controversial bill, coming just a week after Johnson survived a no-confidence vote, prompted pushback from European diplomats, the Irish prime minister, and members of Johnson’s own party, charging that the unilateral turnaround would violate international law and could spark a trade war with the continent. 3 The British government is also wary of backlash from the White House and Congress. U.S. politicians, including President Joe Biden, have repeatedly warned Johnson not to do anything that might undermine the peace in Northern Ireland. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has threatened that there will never be a trade Protesters in London after the British government published draft legislation to rewrite the Northern Ireland Protocol. | Photo: Picture Alliance/ Valcic deal with the United States if the prime minister upsets the status quo. 4 Johnson claimed Monday that he is in fact trying to preserve the peace by walking away from | Photo: New York Times what’s known as the “Northern Ireland Protocol” – which he negotiated, concluded, and cheered in 2020. Johnson’s critics say he either never read his own deal, or never understood it, or simply hoped to fudge the details later. 5 Fudging has been a central theme during his tenure. The House of Commons is investigating whether he lied about boozy parties staged at his offices and residence at Downing Street during coronavirus pandemic lockdowns. 6 Johnson originally praised the Brexit trade protocol as an artful compromise – allowing Britain to break free while also retaining the integrity of the E.U. market and maintaining the free flow that has helped to cement peace on the island of Ireland. He dismissed concerns from Northern Ireland’s unionists that the agreement would lead to a customs-and-control regime for goods moving across the Irish Sea. 7 But now, he says it’s critical to acknowledge that unionists feel cut off from the rest of Britain. He told broadcasters Monday, “We have to understand there are two traditions in Northern Ireland, probably two ways of looking at the border issues, and one community at the moment feels very, very estranged from the way things are operating and very alienated. And we’ve just got to fix that.” 8 The new bill would remove blanket checks on goods moving between Britain and Northern Ireland, instead creating “green Continued on page 12 Die Nr.1 unter den Vokabeltrainern. €5,60 [a] CHF9,00 [ch] 0 – 1 TO JUNK(coll) wegwerfen; h.: ändern — to prompt hervorrufen — pushback Kritik — to stand to do Gefahr laufen zu tun — to anger verärgern — official Regierungsmitarbeiter(in) — to introduce legislation “ÆledZI"sleIS´n‘ ein Gesetz einbringen — to threaten “"Tret´n‘ drohen — to rip out herausreißen — plank (fig) Pfeiler; Element — the very genau der/die/das — to hail bejubeln; anpreisen 2 controversial “ÆkÅntr´"v‰…S´l‘ umstritten — bill Gesetzentwurf — no-confidence vote “Æn´U"kÅnfId´ns‘ Misstrauensvotum — to charge vorwerfen; h.: kritisieren — unilateral “Æju…nI"lœt´r´l‘ einseitig — turnaround “"---‘ Kehrtwende — to violate international law “"vaI´leIt‘ gegen das Völkerrecht verstoßen — to spark entfachen — trade war Handelskrieg 3 – 4 to be wary of s. vor etw. vorsehen — backlash Negativreaktion — repeatedly “rI"pi… tIdli‘ wiederholt — to undermine untergraben — House Speaker Sprecher(in) des US-Repräsentantenhauses — trade deal Handelsabkommen — to upset h.: kippen — to walk away from etw. aufgeben — to negotiate “nI"g´USieIt‘ aushandeln — to conclude “k´n"klu…d‘ abschließen — to fudge (fig) zurechtfrisieren 5 – 6 tenure “"tenj´‘ Amtszeit — boozy feuchtfröhlich — to stage veranstalten — offices and residence Amts- und Wohnsitz — artful kunstvoll; geschickt — to retain behalten — to cement “-"-‘ festigen — to dismiss abtun — unionist Befürworter(in) e-r engen Bindung an GB — customs-and-control regime “reI"Zi…m‘ Zollkontrollsystem 7 – 8 to acknowledge “´k"nÅlIdZ‘ anerkennen; würdigen — broadcaster Sender — estranged “I"streIndZd‘ entfremdet — alienated “"eIli´neItId‘ verprellt — blanket checks umfassende Kontrollen

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