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World and Press June 1 2023

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16 World and Press | June 1 2023 DNA from Beethoven’s hair gives clues to ancestry, medical history, and possible cause of death SCIENCE By Evan Rosen 1 A NEW STUDYpublished Wednesday made several conclusions in regard to Ludwig van Beethoven’s ancestry and medical history. The genomic analysis examined DNA from eight locks of hair attributed to the legendary composer. Scientists found, among other things, that Beethoven had a genetic predisposition for liver disease, as well as a liver-damaging hepatitis B infection in the months prior to his death. 2 These factors, along with Beethoven’s regular drinking, present “plausible explanations” for his death in 1827, said the authors of the study in the journal ‘Current Biology.’ 0 – 3 ANCESTRYAbstammung — medical history Krankengeschichte — genomic Genom- — to attribute to s.o. jdm. etw. zuschreiben — predisposition Veranlagung — prior to vor — journal Fachzeitschrift — lead poisoning Bleivergiftung — of Ashkenazi Jewish descent von aschkenasisch-jüdischer Abstammung 3 Of the eight locks studied, one was a prominent historical artifact known as “Hiller’s Lock,” which had been studied previously and made the subject of a documentary and bestselling book. Studies of the lock had suggested that Beethoven could have died from lead poisoning. However, in this most recent analysis, the researchers found the lock had not belonged to Beethoven but instead a woman of Ashkenazi Jewish descent. 4 Additionally, a family in Belgium who thought they were related to Beethoven and who share his surname are actually not directly related to him, according to the analysis. The cause of this surprise was due to an “extrapair-paternity event” found in Beethoven’s patrilineal ancestry, linked to the individuals’ Y chromosomes. 5 The belief is that Ludwig van Beethoven’s grandmother may have had an extramarital relationship which led to the birth of his father, says Maarten Larmuseau, a co-author of the study and a professor of genetic genealogy at the University of Leuven in Belgium. 6 Researchers were not able to find answers relating to Beethoven’s mysterious hearing loss that occurred in his 20s, or the gastrointestinal problems which plagued him throughout his life, but they did rule celiac disease and lactose intolerance as unlikely causes. © 2023 New York Daily News. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC. Page 15 | Across 2 STAIRWELL • 6 DIVERT • 8 WATCHDOG • 9 APPALLED • 11 FEROCIOUS • 13 MISPLACED • 14 ALLEGE • 15 ELUCIDATE • 16 STANDING • 18 ANIMOSITY • 19 DISTRESSINGLY solution August Klober’s 19th century oil painting of Beethoven. | Photo: Universal Images Group/ Getty Images Down 1 POIGNANT • 3 INTOLERABLE • 4 PROLIFERATE • 5 CHARACTER • 7 ROADSIDE • 10 PROHIBITION • 12 PREJUDICE • 14 ABOLISH • 17 FIELD 4 – 6 extra-pair-paternity event Vaterschaft aufgrund e-r außerehelichen Beziehung e-r Frau — patrilineal ... ... väterlicherseits — extramarital außerehelich — gastrointestinal Magen-Darm- — to plague plagen — celiac disease Zöliakie Die nächste Ausgabe erscheint am 10. Juni 2023. Themen, die bewegen Vor sieben Jahren, am 23. Juni 2016, haben die britischen Wähler für den Brexit gestimmt. | Foto: Pete Linforth/Pixabay Mit unserem Themenheft Special World and Press – Brexit und dem dazu passenden Glossar finden Sie heraus, wie es zum Referendum gekommen ist, was der Brexit für die Bürger bedeutet und welche Rolle das Königshaus spielte. references (1) A coronation and an election … The New York Times; 07.05.2023 (2) What would a genuine … The Guardian; 25.01.2023 (3) Awash in asphalt, cities … The New York Times; 07.03.2023 (4) Single women take an … The Washington Post; 08.03.2023 Faith replaced by … The Times; 29.03.2023 (5) ‘I’ll call an Uber or 911’ The Washington Post; 13.02.2023 (6) Developers demolished a … The Washington Post; 17.03.2023 Shoes off to relish … The Times; 24.03.2023 (7) ‘We create changemakers’ The Guardian; 11.02.2023 (8) Switzerland’s national pride … The Guardian; 22.03.2023 (9) Authorities reinstate alcohol … The New York Times; 12.03.2023 (10) ‘It’s just not worth it’ The Guardian; 13.02.2023 Nurse shortage named ‘global … The Atlanta Journal-Constitution; 28.03.2023 (11) A tiny town was dying, … The New York Times; 20.03.2023 (12) Families fight to … The Times; 08.03.2023 (13) Professor dives … The Times; 18.03.2023 (14) ‘Hello, city helpline? … The Times; 14.03.2023 Seattle becomes first U.S. … The Washington Post; 22.02.2023 (15) ‘Wolfish’ by Erica Berry Star Tribune; 22.02.2023 (16) DNA from Beethoven’s … New York Daily News; 22.03.2023

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