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World and Press June 1 2023

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6 Britain

6 Britain June 1 2023 | World and Press Developers demolished a historic pub. They must rebuild from the rubble. LISTED BUILDINGS The owner who demolished a pub in Hurst Green, a British village, has been ordered to rebuild it from its rubble. By Daniel Wu 1 FOR CENTURIES, the sandstone walls of the Punch Bowl Inn greeted passersby on a quiet English country road. Tour guides in Hurst Green pointed out the pub to village visitors: Legend had it that a notorious robber operated out of the pub in the 18th century before he was caught and executed. His ghost still haunts the place, they’d say. The pub’s story ended, seemingly, in June 2021 when residents learned that the Punch Bowl Inn had been demolished. Outrage followed. The pub was a listed building, a designation in the United Kingdom that protects structures of historical significance. 2 The Ribble Valley Borough Council, which oversees Hurst Green, took legal action against the pub’s owner, Andrew Donelan, whose company demolished the building. In early March, authorities rejected an appeal from Donelan’s company and ordered them to rebuild the Punch Bowl Inn within 12 months – using the very stones from the pub’s rubble. 3 The order “is pretty unique,” Tom Pridmore, Ribble Valley’s tourism officer, said in an interview with ‘The Washington Post.’ “If you could see the pile of rubble, by golly, what a job that’s going to be.” An attorney for Donelan did not respond to a request for comment. 4 Donelan’s company, Donelan Trading Ltd., purchased the inn in 2015. The company argued that one of the pub’s chimneys was unstable and in danger of collapse, according to court documents. The Ribble Valley council said that did not justify demolish- 1 FOR MOREthan 150 years, kings, queens, and cardinals have been among the few people permitted to tread on one of Britain’s greatest treasures: a medieval mosaic foretelling the end of the world. Made with rare marbles, glass, and gemstones, the Cosing the multi-building structure. The Punch Bowl Inn, which dates to the 18th century, was once a bustling pub but became less popular as competition in the region grew, Ribble Valley officials said. It had been vacant since Donelan Trading Ltd. acquired it, but it remained a local landmark cherished for its folklore and historic designation. 5 Then in June 2021, Alison Brown, chairwoman of the Ribble Valley council’s planning-and-development committee, received a call from a resident. Workers were pulling the pub down. Shocked, The Punch Bowl Inn in 2015, before it became a pile of rubble. | Photo: Ian Greig/ Wikimedia Commons she sent an enforcement team, but they arrived too late. “By nine o’clock in the morning, it was just a pile of rubble,” Brown said. 6 The council took legal action against Donelan’s company. Going to the courts was rare in cases like this, said Killian Garvey, the lawyer who represented the Ribble Valley council. “In England, we’ve got huge amounts of listed buildings,” said Garvey, who specializes in planning law. “We’re very lucky in that respect.” There are 400,000 listed buildings in England, according to the British government. If they’re demolished, local planning authorities can penalize those responsible, Garvey said. “That will only work when you’ve got bodies like Ribble Valley being proactive and saying, ‘If you mess around with them, we’ll throw the book at you,’” he added. 7 The Ribble Valley council wanted to set a precedent on behalf of Hurst Green’s “horrified” residents, who were shocked by the speed of the demolition, Brown said. The council ordered Donelan’s company against removing the piles of wood and sandstone from the site. They remain sprawled along the road where the pub once stood. … 8 Ample documentation exists of the Punch Bowl Inn’s layout and construction, Brown said, which Donelan’s company will have to follow closely when rebuilding the pub. The company will submit an assessment of the rubble to determine which materials are still usable in the pub’s reconstruction, which planning authorities will approve, according to court documents. 9 Brown said the process will probably be costly and painstaking – she estimates much of the stone is still usable. As for residents upset by the demolition: “I think they feel justice has been done,” she said. … © 2023 The Washington Post 0 DEVELOPER Bauunternehmer(in) — to demolish abreißen; s.w.u. demolition Abriss — rubble Schutt — listed building denkmalgeschütztes Gebäude — to order s.o. jdn. anweisen; s.w.u. order Anordnung 1 passersby Passant(inn)en — legend had it that … der Legende nach …— notorious robber berüchtigte(r) Räuber(in) — to execute hinrichten — to haunt a place an e-m Ort spuken — seemingly scheinbar — outrage Entrüstung — designation Bezeichnung; Kennzeichnung — structure Bauwerk 2 – 3 borough council Gemeinderat — to oversee zuständig sein für — to take legal action against s.o. rechtl. Schritte gegen jdn. einleiten — authority Behörde — appeal Einspruch; Widerspruch — by golly herrje — attorney Anwalt(-wältin) 4 to justify rechtfertigen — to date to stammen aus — bustling betriebsam; beliebt — official Behördenmitarbeiter(in) — vacant leer stehend — to acquire erwerben — landmark Wahrzeichen — to cherish schätzen 5 – 6 chairwoman Vorsitzende — planning-and-development committee Planungs- und Bauausschuss — enforcement team Ordnungskräfte — planning law Planungsrecht — to penalize s.o. Strafen gegen jdn. verhängen — those responsible die Verantwortlichen — body Gremium — to throw the book at s.o. (fig, coll) jdn. nach allen Regeln der Kunst fertigmachen 7 – 9 to set a precedent e-n Präzedenzfall schaffen — horrified entsetzt — to remain sprawled verstreut liegen bleiben — ample umfangreich — layout Grundriss — to submit einreichen — assessment Gutachten — painstaking mühsam Shoes off to relish treasure at the heart of coronation HISTORY The Cosmati Pavement in Westminster Abbey marks the exact spot on which British monarchs have been crowned for centuries. By Charlie Parker mati Pavement in Westminster Abbey marks the exact spot on which British monarchs have been crowned for centuries. 2 Days after the coronation of King Charles, the 700-year-old artwork will be opened to the public for the first time – on the condition that they remove their shoes. 3 The intricate mosaic, at the heart of the Abbey’s Coronation Theatre, is rich in symbolism and is said to depict the universe, with a globe at its centre. Its allegorical patterns of stone and marble cover an area of 24ft 10in square and were laid in 1268 after they were commissioned by Henry III. A cryptic brass inscription → Abbey Marshal Howard Berry walks across Westminster Abbey’s Cosmati Pavement in March. | Photo: Jonathan Brady/Empics/ Picture Alliance 0 – 2 TO RELISHgenießen; h.: bewundern — at the heart of im Mittelpunkt von — coronation Krönung — Cosmati Pavement Kosmati-Mosaikpflaster — to tread treten — to foretell voraussagen — marbles Marmor — gemstone Edelstein 3 – 4 intricate aufwendig; mit vielen Details — coronation theatre Krönungsbereich — to depict darstellen — 24ft 10in square ca. 7,58 m 2 — to commission in Auftrag

World and Press | June 1 2023 ‘We create changemakers’ CLIMATE CRISIS Black Mountains College in Wales aims to prepare students for life during a planetary emergency. mit Audiodatei und By Patrick Barkham 1 THE LECTUREtheatre was once a cowshed, the study centre is an old farmhouse living room, and the classrooms are mostly outdoors: welcome to the newest higher educational college in Britain. The former farm that is Black Mountains College’s campus is a core part of an insurgent institution that is the first entirely dedicated to adapting to the climate emergency. 2 The college is this year offering a radical new degree course designed to prepare students for a career in times of climate breakdown and build a generation with the innovative skills and ideas required to tackle the crisis. The first students for its BA in Sustainable Futures: Arts, Ecology, and Systems Change will arrive at the rural campus in September to take the three-year cross-disciplinary course, which features the latest climate science, neuroscience, environmental history, and critical thinking, with Amitav Ghosh’s ‘The Nutmeg’s Curse’ a key text. 3 “The idea of the degree is we create changemakers who become catalysts in organisations,” said Ben Rawlence, a writer and thinker who founded the college with a fellow writer, Owen Sheers, three years ago. “Every organisation is going to be desperate to hire climate-literate → predicts that the world would end after lasting 19,683 years, with a riddle adding together the life spans of animals including dogs, horses, stags, ravens, eagles, and whales, as well as humans. 4 The geometric floor is considered the best surviving example outside Italy of the rare type of mosaic stonework named Cosmati, after the Italian family that perfected the technique. The pavement has been hidden under a carpet and roped off from the public since the 1870s. It was not until 2010 that it was unveiled after a two-year programme of conservation work. 5 This meant that the coronations of Elizabeth II in 1953 and Übungsmaterial geben — cryptic geheimnisvoll — brass Messing- — inscription Inschrift — riddle Rätsel — stag Hirsch — to rope off absperren — to unveil enthüllen 5 – 7 felt Filz — low-stepped niedrig — dais Podium — Young students take part in a 2020 climate change protest in London. | Photo: David Cliff/Zuma Press/Picture Alliance people. The demand for it is going to explode.” 4 There is a growing desire for climate-literate studies from students and young people, too, with the University of Barcelona recently bowing to student activists’ demand to introduce a mandatory course on the climate crisis for all from 2024. 5 “We also want to disrupt her father, George VI, in 1937, took place with the pavement covered by red felt. However, when Charles is crowned, it will remain uncovered. Charles will be crowned sitting in the Coronation Chair, which will rest on a low-stepped dais above the centre circle of the ancient floor in front of the High Altar. 6 The tour in the days after the ceremony will reveal the Abbey’s royal links, tell stories from coronations, visit the chair, and explain its history and significance. Tourists will be kept to groups of ten and asked to walk in socks to protect the pavement in the Sacrarium. An Abbey spokesman said: “It will be the first time in living memory that the Abbey the UK education system,” said Rawlence. “What is the role of university at a time of planetary emergency? Surely it’s public education, beyond simply teaching people who pay you fees. We’re not being honest with young people if we’re not teaching the context in which their careers and skills will be applied. Given that higher education is pretty unfit has invited visitors to walk on the Cosmati Pavement where the Coronation Chair will be placed for the crowning of HM the King.” 7 Scott Craddock, head of visitor experience at the Abbey, said: “The Cosmati Pavement is unique – it’s one of Britain’s greatest medieval art treasures – and has been the place of coronations for over 700 years. It will be wonderful to see it on display at the next coronation and wonderful that, on this new tour, our visitors will be invited to stand on it and reflect upon such a significant moment in history.” … © The Times, London/News Licensing This article originally appeared in The Times, London. High Altar Hochaltar — spokesman Sprecher — in living memory in der jüngeren Vergangenheit — HM = His Majesty — head Leiter(in) for purpose, especially in the context of climate change, why don’t we have a new college that offers an alternative with a course dedicated to climate adaptation? This is not just a scientific problem – it’s a problem of consciousness and values and supply chains and a way of looking at the world.” 6 Black Mountains College, a charity, is based on a 120-acre farm outside Talgarth in the Brecon Beacons. It provides more teaching and short courses in Hay-on-Wye, Brecon, and nearby towns. Since its inception in 2019, the college, which is run by four full-time staff and 12 part-time tutors, has been operating on a shoestring with startup funding from the National Lottery Community Fund (Wales) and Brecon Beacons National Park’s Sustainable Development Fund. The college has also raised £250,000 from private individuals. 7 “We’ve been the beneficiary of an awful lot of goodwill and enthusiasm and students who have been patient about the facilities growing around them,” said Rawlence. “We have all been learning.” 8 As well as its new degree course, which is validated by Cardiff Metropolitan University, the college is providing free one-year NVQ Level 2 courses in regenerative horticulture, and coppicing and greenwood trades, with both courses providing practical, ecofriendly skills for adaptation to the climate crisis. The farm campus is a key part of learning, with experimental growing plots trialling regenerative farming techniques. Britain 0 – 1 PLANETARYemergency h.: Klimanotstand auf dem Planeten — lecture theatre Hörsaal — cowshed Kuhstall — higher educational college Hochschule — core part Kernbestandteil — insurgent rebellisch; (fig) gegen den Strom agierend — dedicated to speziell ausgerichtet auf — climate emergency Klimanotstand 2 – 4 degree course Studiengang — to tackle bekämpfen — sustainable nachhaltig — cross-disciplinary fachübergreifend — neuroscience Neurowissenschaften — nutmeg Muskatnuss — catalyst Katalysator; (fig) Veränderer — climate-literate klimakompetent; s.wu. Klimakompetenz- — to bow to s. etw. beugen — mandatory Pflicht- 5 – 6 to disrupt (fig) grundlegend verändern — education system Bildungswesen — to apply anwenden — given angesichts — unfit for purpose ungeeignet — consciousness Bewusstsein — supply chain Lieferkette — charity Stiftung — 120 acres ca. 48,6 ha — inception Gründung — to operate on a shoestring mit knappen Mitteln haushalten müssen 7 – 8 beneficiary Nutznießer(in) — goodwill Gunst; Kulanz — facility Einrichtung — to validate anerkennen; bestätigen — NVQ = National Vocational Qualification staatl. anerkannte berufl. Qualifikation — regenerative horticulture regenerativer Anbau — coppicing and greenwood trades Niederwald(wirtschaft) und Verarbeitung von Grünholz — growing plot Pflanzparzelle — farming technique Anbaumethode 9 – 12 multisensory learning multisensorisches Lernen — to enhance steigern — to empower (be)stärken — lecturer Dozent(in) — forestry Forstwirtschaft — to carve schnitzen — plum wood Pflaumenholz — imaginary imaginär — to divest of fossil fuel investments Investitionen in Unternehmen der Mineralöl-, Erdgas- und Kohleindustrie abziehen 7 9 The NVQs also include “core skills” such as climate science and empathy, with neuroscience informing innovative educational techniques that emphasise outdoor and multisensory learning, utilising creative practices such as painting and dance to enhance learning. 10 And without much publicity, the college has already received CVs from more than 100 academics keen to join its teaching staff. Rawlence said: “That speaks volumes about the state of higher education, how teachers are treated, and the lack of opportunity for empowering young people, which I think is what university lecturers want to be doing. This very much represents what they think teaching should be about.” 11 Priya Doshi, who paused her career as a Spanish and French teacher to take the forestry NVQ, is carving plum wood in the former cowshed. “I’ve always dreamed about doing something that’s more in touch with nature and learning practical skills. It’s amazing what they’ve done here. It’s changed my life. I feel so grateful,” she said. “We discuss climate change in college, which is really great – discussing how to live positively, because it is quite a stressful time.” … 12 Jonny Davies, from Sussex, worked as a forest school leader before moving to study at the college. “Young kids in schools are being educated for an imaginary world that doesn’t exist now, let alone when they grow up,” he said. “We don’t know how to talk about what’s going on [with the climate crisis] or how to educate for it. Some universities are divesting of fossil fuel investments, but we’ve got to think about everything. At least when you’re setting up a new university, you can set it off in the right direction.” © 2023 Guardian News and Media Ltd

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