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World and Press June 2 2023

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Original Pressetexte aus britischen und US-amerikanischen Medien Sprachtraining, Landeskunde, Vokabelhilfen und Übungsmaterial für Fortgeschrittene Sprachniveau B2 - C2

World and Press June 2

June 2 2023• No 12 • 75th Year of Publication •Original Pressetexte aus britischen und US-amerikanischen Medien€ 3,00 [d]Sprachtraining • Landeskunde • Vokabelhilfen • ÜbungsmaterialIN FOCUSB2–C2• Opinion: The US’sshameful national fatalismon guns• Health: Hypertension anddiabetes are on the rise inmany African countriesPages 2–3USA• Texas: Young adultscan get licensed to carryhandguns at collegecampuses• Poverty: Countinghomeless people in ruralAmericaPages 4–5BRITAIN• History: King Charlessupports study of royalfamily’s slavery links• Environment: Scotland’swhisky industry is trying togo net-zeroPages 6–7OTHER TOPICS• Uganda: GladysKamasanyu, head of thecountry’s wildlife court• Marketing: The dairyindustry is trying to win overyounger Americans• Royalty: Another day,another photo of KateDie Nr.1 unter den Vokabeltrainern.Pages 9/13/14Get thevocabulary trainer! Nr.1 unter den Vokabeltrainern.€3,50 [a] CHF5,40 [ch]| | Photo:UnsplashPRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN The Florida governor madea glitch-marred entrance on Twitter alongside Elon Musk.By Nicholas Nehamas andShane Goldmacher1 RON DESANTIS’Slong-awaited officialentry into the 2024presidential campaign went haywireat its start Wednesday duringa glitch-filled live stream overTwitter.2 Despite the problems, DeSantis,the combative 44-year-old Republicangovernor of Florida whohas championed conservativecauses and thrown a yearslongflurry of punches at America’sleft, provides Donald Trump themost formidable Republican rivalhe has faced since his ascentin 2016. His candidacy comes at apivotal moment for the RepublicanParty, which must choose betweenaligning once more behindTrump – who lost in 2020 andcontinues to rage falsely abouta stolen election – or unitingaround a new challenger to takeon President Joe Biden.3 But on Wednesday, DeSantis’sofficial run for the White Housegot off to an embarrassing start asthe planned livestream with Twitter’seccentric billionaire owner,Elon Musk, was marred by technicalproblems and dead air. When,after more than 25 minutes, De-Santis finally spoke, he declared,“I am running for president of the0 – 2 SHAKY wacklig — glitch-marred durchPannen gestört — entrance Einstieg — to go haywire(fig) chaotisch verlaufen — combative kämpferisch— to champion für etw. eintreten — tothrow punches (fig) attackieren — a flurry of e-eWelle von — formidable schwierig; ernsthaft —ascent Aufstieg — pivotal zentral — to align behinds.o. s. hinter jdn. stellen3 – 4 billionaire Milliardär(in) — dead air Funkstille— hiccup Schluckauf; h.: Störung — gleefullyh.: schadenfroh — to commandeer in BeschlagTwo candidates tiedin a board president election inWisconsin. So they settled it with amethod that produces a randomresult: a dice roll.Read more on page 4United States to lead our greatAmerican comeback.”4 The extended social mediahiccup – as more than 500,000people were waiting – was gleefullycheered on the very platformDeSantis was supposed tobe commandeering for his campaign.Donald Trump Jr. wrote asingle word: “#DeSaster.” …5 Despite the inauspicious startWednesday and having slippedwell behind Trump in polls in recentmonths, DeSantis retains aGermany wants morechipmakers. But the globalcompetition to attract semiconductorcompanies is expected to cost theGerman government billions.Read more on page 11In shaky start, Ron DeSantisjoins 2024 raceFlorida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks at a press conference in May.| Photo: Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/Getty Imageshost of strengths: a mountain ofcash, a robust campaign operation,and a series of conservativepolicy victories in Florida aftera landslide reelection triumphlast fall. The governor, who roseto national prominence with hisrestriction-averse handling ofthe coronavirus pandemic, arguesthat his “Florida Blueprint”can be a model for reshaping theUnited States in a starkly conservativemold, especially on social issues.nehmen5 – 6 inauspicious verunglückt — poll Umfrage— to retain behalten — a host of e-e ganze Reihevon — landslide reelection Wiederwahl durch e-nErdrutschsieg — restriction-averse Beschränkungenmeidend — blueprint Blaupause — to reshapeumgestalten — in a starkly conservative mold(fig) mit deutlich konservativen Zügen — inevitableunvermeidlich — revitalization Neubelebung— to take one’s cues from s.o. (fig) s. von jdm. beeinflussenlassen — to sketch out umreißen| Photo: Picture Alliance6 “American decline is not inevitable,”DeSantis said. “It is achoice. And we should choosea new direction, a path that willlead to American revitalization.”He accused Biden of taking “hiscues from the woke mob.” De-Santis did not mention Trump byname. But he did sketch out someof the contrasts he is expected tosharpen in the coming months.“We must look forward, notbackwards,” he said. “We needthe courage to lead, and we musthave the strength to win.”7 DeSantis is confronting thedaunting endeavor of toppling aformer president whose belligerenceand loyal base of supporthave discouraged most leadingRepublicans from making frontalattacks against him. Trump,who has a mounting list of legaltroubles, clearly sees DeSantis asa political threat and has unloadedon him for months, mockinghim as “Ron DeSanctimonious”and slamming his stewardship ofFlorida.8 “Trump is not as invincible ashe once seemed, and DeSantis isa serious contender,” said MikeMurphy, a veteran Republicanstrategist. “There are Republicanvoters looking for someonewho can move beyond Trump,someone who can fight the liberalsbut also win elections. That’sthe space DeSantis is trying to inhabit.”Continued on page 127 daunting einschüchternd; schwierig — endeavorUnterfangen — to topple (fig) zu Fall bringen— belligerence Streitlust — to discourages.o. jdn. davon abhalten — mounting größer werdend— to unload on s.o. (fig) jdn. zur Zielscheibemachen — to mock verspotten — sanctimoniousscheinheilig — to slam scharf kritisieren — stewardshipFührung8 – 10 invincible unbesiegbar — contenderHerausforderer(-in) — liberals (AE) polit. linkstendierende Kräfte — to inhabit h.: besetzen

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