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World and Press March 2 2023

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16 World and Press | March 2 2023 Ultrasound scanners for tuna will help serve up perfect sushi JAPAN By Richard Lloyd Parry 1 JAPANESE scientists have devised a method to check the quality of sushi, employing the same technology used to scan unborn babies in the womb. Researchers at Tokai University in Tokyo, in partnership with Fujitsu, have found a way of using ultrasound scanners to check the freshness of frozen tuna, the most popular component of sushi and sashimi. 2 When it is put on the market, the technology will allow anyone with a handheld scanner to grade tuna, a job that is presently done only by experts, using knife, eye, and the instincts acquired through experience. 3 Although fish consumption is declining in Japan, they remain the world’s biggest consumers of tuna, gobbling up a quarter of the global catch, mostly raw. Much of it is caught far from Japan and frozen on huge factory vessels, preserving it but making it difficult to judge its quality before it is defrosted. The flesh of fish left for too long before being frozen loses its tenderness. 4 At this year’s New Year auction at the Toyosu fish market in Tokyo, a 467 lb fish of the highest quality sold for 36 million yen (£226,000). 5 Until now, the job of grading has been done by cutting off the tuna’s tail and scrutinising the exposed flesh and its layers of fat. According to Fujitsu, “cutting the tail often damages and ultimately lowers the value of the fish, and the process relies heavily on a limited number of experts trained solution | Photo: Adamsov Production/ Pixabay to accurately conduct quality inspection”. 6 The scientists experimented with scanning frozen tuna using ultrasound, analysing the results using artificial intelligence. Some ultrasound frequencies failed to achieve the desired results. They eventually found low frequency waves were reflected back very intensely by the spines of fish that were past their best. 7 “By analysing the waveforms using machine learning, [we] developed the world’s first method to determine the freshness of frozen tuna without the need to cut the product,” the team reported. “The new technology thus offers a new method to inspect the quality of frozen tuna without lowering its value and may one day contribute to greater trust and safety in the global distribution of frozen tuna and other food products.” … © The Times, London/News Licensing This article originally appeared in The Times, London. 0 – 3 ULTRASOUND SCANNER Ultraschallgerät — tuna Thunfisch — to devise entwickeln — to employ verwenden — womb Mutterleib — handheld Hand- — to grade prüfen — consumption Konsum — to gobble up (coll) verschlingen — factory vessel Fabrikschiff — to defrost auftauen — tenderness Zartheit 4 – 7 467 lb ca. 212 kg — to scrutinise genau untersuchen — exposed freigelegt — ultimately letzten Endes — artificial intelligence künstliche Intelligenz — eventually schließlich — spine Wirbelsäule — to determine bestimmen — distribution Vertrieb Page 15 | Across 1 ATTRIBUTE • 3 DISCARD • 8 BARGAINING • 10 BELOVED • 12 COMMUTE • 13 PROVISION • 15 INGENIOUS • 17 PEEK • 18 TRANSMISSION • 19 UNIONIZE Down 1 ASSEMBLE • 2 LIGHTHOUSE • 4 DIMINISH • 5 LINGERING • 6 INFORMED • 7 MALEVOLENT • 9 UNCOMPREHENDING • 11 SPOKESPERSON • 14 CHERISH • 16 GLARING Die nächste Ausgabe erscheint am 25. März 2023. Kein Plan nach dem Abi? Stuttgart Münster Freiburg Mitteldeutschland Karlsruhe Mainz Düsseldorf Alle Termine unter (1) The war in Ukraine, … The Observer; 19.02.2023 (2) After the hoopla, all that’s … The Washington Post; 04.01.2023 (3) A WWII weapons bunker … Los Angeles Times; 05.01.2023 (4) Why do we still celebrate … Fort Worth Star-Telegram; 09.01.2023 How much slower … The State; 17.01.2023 (5) An ailing Arkansas city … The New York Times; 10.01.2023 (6) C of E’s historic … The Guardian; 10.01.2023 ‘Foreign investors ... The Times; 09.01.2023 (7) How community crofting … The Guardian; 10.01.2023 (8) ‘Based on a true story’ … The New York Times; 14.01.2023 references (9) As Asian societies age, … Eintritt frei The New York Times; 07.01.2023 (10) Exxon ‘predicted … The Times; 13.01.2023 Waitrose cans mini … The Guardian; 10.01.2023 (11) Lying for the job … Chicago Tribune; 05.01.2023 (12) Dolphins ‘shout’ to … The Guardian; 12.01.2023 (13) Establishing a new home … The New York Times; 10.01.2023 (14) Forget dot-com, … The Times; 11.01.2023 Microsoft gets its first … The Washington Post; 03.01.2023 (15) ‘How to Sell a Haunted … The Washington Post; 11.01.2023 (16) Ultrasound scanners … The Times; 10.01.2023

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