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World and Press May 1 2023

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Original Pressetexte aus britischen und US-amerikanischen Medien Sprachtraining, Landeskunde, Vokabelhilfen und Übungsmaterial für Fortgeschrittene Sprachniveau B2 - C2

World and Press May 1

May 1 2023• No 9 • 75th Year of Publication •Original Pressetexte aus britischen und US-amerikanischen Medien€ 3,00 [d]Sprachtraining • Landeskunde • Vokabelhilfen • ÜbungsmaterialIN FOCUSB2–C2• Opinion: British falsemodesty is worse thanbragging• England: A cold warover fox huntingPages 2–3USA• Derailment: In EastPalestine, residents fearthe future• African Americans:A growing middle class inthe South and WestPages 4–5BRITAIN• Coronation: Who amonggentry will hand Charleshis spurs?• Comment: Diamondsaren’t always a queen’sbest friendPages 6–7OTHER TOPICS• Climate: Cactireplacing snow on Swissmountainsides• Employment: AI is startingto pick who gets laid off• Dystopia: We’re all goingto die, but it’s OK• Literature: The absurdcleansing of Roald Dahl’sworkPages 9/10/13/14Zusatzmaterial zudieser Ausgabe.Im Abo PREMIUMsehr viel günstiger!für nur€ 5,95Jetzt imEinzelverkaufwww.sprachzeitungen.de| Photo: Getty ImagesThanks to a 2021Supreme Court ruling endingthe principle of amateurism, collegeathletes are allowed to strikemillion-dollar endorsement deals.Read more on pag e 11Researchers fromthe University of Leeds found thatchocolate’s much-cherished silkysensation is a product of the fatcoating its outer layer.Read more on pag e 12After indictment, Trump will playthe victim – and the tactic will workfor many RepublicansANALYSIS Trump has followed a pattern since 2016 – the bigger the alleged crime,the louder he airs grievances and claims he’s being persecuted.By David Smith1 THE COMEDIAN Chris Rockgazed out at the audience at anawards ceremony in Washingtonearlier this month. “Are you guysreally going to arrest Trump?” heasked bluntly. “This is only goingto make him more popular!”2 Donald Trump has not yetbeen arrested but is now the firstperson to occupy the Oval Officeto then be charged with a crime.It also raises the prospect of theRepublican favourite for the 2024presidential race running for theWhite House while also beingcriminally prosecuted – somethinglikely to bring even morechaos to America’s already deeplyfractured political landscape.3 It emerged on Thursday that aManhattan grand jury has votedto indict Trump over a hush moneypayment to the adult film starStormy Daniels during the 2016presidential election campaign.Florida-based Trump is now expectedto surrender himself onTuesday to the Manhattan districtattorney (DA) to be fingerprintedand photographed for a mugshot– something guaranteed to delighthis many opponents, appalhis fans, and divide the UnitedStates even more.4 30 March 2023 is, therefore,a day for the history books. It offeredan affirmation of the MagnaFormer US President Donald Trump speaks during a 2024 election campaign rally in Waco,Texas, in March. | Photo: Suzanne Cordeiro/AFP via Getty ImagesCarta principle that no one, noteven the onetime commander-inchief,is above the law. The 45thpresident of the United States isset to stand trial and, if convicted,could find himself behind bars insteadof running for re-election.Presidential historian MichaelBeschloss said on the MSNBCnetwork: “Tomorrow, in termsof American history, we will bewaking up in a different country.Before tonight, presidents in thiscountry were kings.”5 But while the law is clear, thepolitics are murky. A criminalcharge or even conviction doesnot prevent someone running forthe White House, and Trump iscurrently leading in opinion pollsfor the 2024 Republican presidentialprimary.6 In the pre-Trump universe,an indictment over a hush moneypayment to an adult film starwould have been career-ending.Candidates have withdrawnfrom election races for much less.| Photo: UnsplashBut since 2016, Trump has been apolitical judo master, turning theweight of opponents and allegationsagainst them to his own advantage.The bigger the allegedcrime, the louder he airs grievancesand the more he plays thevictim – and so far, the RepublicanParty has been mostly willingto indulge him.7 That is the role he will playwith an indictment hanging overhim. At a campaign rally in Waco,Continued on page 12€3,50 [a] CHF5,40 [ch]0 – 2 INDICTMENTAnklage; s.w.u. to indict Anklageerheben — alleged mutmaßlich; s.w.u. allegationAnschuldigung — to air grievances seinemUnmut Luft machen — to persecute schikanieren— bluntly unverblümt — to be criminally prosecutedstrafrechtlich verfolgt werden — fracturedgespalten3 – 4 hush money Schweigegeld — adult filmstar Pornodarsteller(in) — to surrender o.s.s. (den Behörden) stellen — district attorneyBezirksstaatsanwalt/-anwältin — mugshot erkennungsdienstl.Foto — to appal entsetzen — affirmationBekräftigung — commnder-in-chiefOberbefehlshaber(in) — to stand trial s. vor Gerichtverantworten müssen — to convict verurteilen;s.w.u. conviction5 – 8 murky undurchsichtig — opinion poll Meinungsumfrage— primary Vorwahl — to withdraws. zurückziehen — to indulge s.o. jdn. gewährenlassen

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