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World and Press May 2 2022

Original Pressetexte aus britischen und US-amerikanischen Medien Sprachtraining, Landeskunde, Vokabelhilfen und Übungsmaterial für Fortgeschrittene Sprachniveau B2 - C2

World and Press May 2

May 2 2022 • No 10 • 74th Year of Publication • Original Pressetexte aus britischen und US-amerikanischen Medien € 2,50 [d] Sprachtraining • Landeskunde • Vokabelhilfen • Übungsmaterial IN FOCUS B2–C2 • Opinion: The four-day workweek • Health: Rich countries lure health workers from low-income nations Pages 2/3 USA • Cities: Walking all the streets of New York • National park: Yellowstone at 150 Pages 4/5 BRITAIN • Migrants: Inside London’s little-known Windrush gardens • International: How the Ukraine war helped ease the rift between Britain and the EU Pages 6/7 OTHER TOPICS • Study: Amazon is less able to recover from droughts and logging • Diamond trade: Botswana wants more prominent role • Health: Surgeons work to keep fading shopping malls alive • Armament: South Koreans want nuclear weapons Pages 8/10/11/12 Get the vocabulary trainer! | Photo: Dreamstime/TNS Florida legislators passed a bill that named strawberry short - cake as the state’s official dessert. But people in Key West wonder, what happened to Key lime pie? Read more on page 4 The sakondry, a small insect that tastes like bacon when fried, has been identified as a possible solution to a growing hunger crisis in Madagascar. Read more on page 8 What Britain’s deal with Rwanda means for its asylum system ASYLUM SEEKERS Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a plan to send some of those seeking refuge to the central African country. By Megan Specia 1 THE BRITISH government has announced a plan to send some asylum seekers to Rwanda, a move that prompted an immediate backlash from opposition politicians, international legal experts, and human rights defenders. While Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Thursday that the move was intended to tackle people smuggling and to “fix our broken asylum system,” many called the plan cruel and potentially illegal. 2 The announcement comes at a politically fraught time for Johnson, who faces criticism for breaches of coronavirus lockdown measures, and as the number of people crossing the English Channel by boat to claim asylum continues to rise. 3 The highly visible boat arrivals across the English Channel have increased measurably over the past two years. At least 2,354 people arrived in Britain on small boats last month, according to the BBC, almost three times as many as in the same month in 2021. But the number of overall asylum applications is still significantly lower than its peak two decades ago, with the total in 2021 just over Irregular migrants caught by the British Coast Guard are brought to the Port of Dover in April. | Photo: Stuart Brock/ Anadolu Agency via Getty Images​ half of what it was in 2002. And of all those applying for asylum, almost two-thirds were found to be genuine refugees in 2021. 4 Experts have long said that the boat arrivals signal a change in route, as those hoping to enter Britain to claim asylum have shifted from other, less visible means of entry, such as smuggling by truck or arriving by plane, especially as some means of international travel were halted by the pandemic. Most of those who arrive by boat have valid asylum claims, research has concluded, and are coming from war-torn countries including Afghanistan, | Photo: Wiki Commons Eritrea, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. 5 Rights groups argue that the issue of boat arrivals has been used to harness discontent and to rally support for the government. “There is completely disproportionate hysteria around this,” said Zoe Gardner, policy and advocacy manager at the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, a British charity. 6 Rights groups also worry about how dangerous the boat crossings are. In one particularly deadly incident, at least 27 people died when their dinghy sank while making the crossing last year. But those groups say that the best way to combat the problem is to overhaul the system and provide humanitarian visas, giving people a way to travel safely to Britain to have their asylum claims heard. 7 It can be done, said Andy Hewett, head of advocacy for the Refugee Council, an organization that works with refugees and asylum seekers in Britain. He cited the example of the visas the British government has allowed for Ukrainian refugees. “There is no difference between the risks facing Ukrainian refugees and the risks facing refugees from other conflict zones across the world,” Hewett said. Continued on page 12 Die Nr.1 unter den Vokabeltrainern. €2,80 [a] CHF4,50 [ch] 0 – 1 ASYLUM SEEKERS“´"saIl´m‘ Asylsuchende — to seek refuge “"refju…dZ‘ Zuflucht suchen — to prompt Anlass zu etw. geben — backlash Gegenreaktion; Protest — human rights defender Menschenrechtler(in) — to be intended to dazu dienen sollen — to tackle bekämpfen — people smuggling Menschenschmuggel 2 – 3 fraught “frO…t‘ angespannt — to breach measures “"meZ´z‘ gegen Maßnahmen verstoßen — to claim asylum; s.w.u. to apply for a. Asyl beantragen — boat arrivals Ankömmlinge per Boot — measurably “"meZ´r´bli‘ deutlich — significantly “sIg"nIfIk´ntli‘ erheblich — genuine “"dZenjuIn‘ echt; h.: berechtigt 4 – 5 to shift s. verlagern — to halt “hÅlt‘ unterbrechen — valid gültig; berechtigt — to conclude “k´n"klu…d‘ ergeben — war-torn vom Krieg erschüttert — to harness ausnutzen — discontent “Æ--"-‘ Unzufriedenheit — to rally sammeln; h.: gewinnen — disproportionate “ÆdIspr´"pO…S´n´t‘ unverhältnismäßig — policy and advocacy manager “"œdv´k´si‘ Verantwortliche(r) für Strategie und Interessenvertretung (a. Fürsprache) 6 – 7 to combat bekämpfen — to overhaul “--"hO…l‘ generalüberholen — to cite anführen

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