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World and Press May 2 2023

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Original Pressetexte aus britischen und US-amerikanischen Medien Sprachtraining, Landeskunde, Vokabelhilfen und Übungsmaterial für Fortgeschrittene Sprachniveau B2 - C2

World and Press May 2 2023

May 2 2023• No 10 • 75th Year of Publication •Original Pressetexte aus britischen und US-amerikanischen Medien€ 3,00 [d]Sprachtraining • Landeskunde • Vokabelhilfen • ÜbungsmaterialIN FOCUSB2–C2• Opinion: It’s time for mento ‘man up’• EU: The EU offered toembrace Ukraine, but nowwhat?Pages 2–3USA• Society: Can money buyhappiness? Scientists say itcan• Environment: For the firsttime, GM trees have beenplanted in a US forestPages 4–5BRITAIN• BBC: Gary Linekerreinstated after clash overmigration policy• Environment: A carbonzerocastlePages 6–7OTHER TOPICS• Canada: First Nationbattles oil company andAlberta over toxic water• Business: Is instant chatreplacing the inbox?• Economy: Will Ireland’sreliance on multinationalsprove to be a bridge too far?• Urban planning: The15-minute city• History: Evidence of agladiator fight in RomanBritainDie Nr.1 unter den Vokabeltrainern.Pages 9/10/11/13/14Get thevocabulary trainer!www.phase6.de/wp/1023| Photo: Picture AlliancePRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN The president, who could faceDonald Trump in a 2020 rerun, urges voters to give him four further yearsto finish what he started.By Lauren Gambino1 JOE BIDENhasformally announcedhis campaign for reelectionin 2024, asking Americansfor four years to “finish thisjob”, possibly setting up an extraordinaryrematch with DonaldTrump.2 In a three-minute video, openingwith images of the US Capitolattack, Biden warned that the USremains under threat from theanti-democratic forces unleashedby his predecessor, who he beat in2020. Biden said: “When I ran forpresident four years ago, I saidwe were in a battle for the soul ofAmerica – and we still are.”3 The president launched hisre-election campaign on thefourth anniversary of his return topolitics in 2019, when he declaredhis third presidential run. Sincethen, the political landscape haschanged. The US is still grapplingwith the scars of a pandemic thatkilled more than 1.1 million andwith inflation that has eased fromhistoric highs but remains painful.Americans remain deeplydivided, convulsed by the lossof federal abortion rights, nearweeklymass shootings, and worseningclimate disasters.4 Already the oldest president,Biden would be 86 before the endof a second term, nearly a decadeolder than Ronald Reagan wasOn May 6, King Charles III was crowned at Westminster Abbey.In a special issue from World and Press, you’ll find out more aboutwhat changes that will entail for the king, what roles members ofhis family will play, and how the British crown is positioning itselffor the 21st century. The “Coronation” special is available asa downloadable PDF on sprachzeitungen.de.Joe Biden formally announces2024 White House runPresident Biden appears at a conference on April 25, 2023,the day he announced his 2024 re-election bid.| Photo: Shawn Thew/Newscom/Picture Alliancewhen he left the White House in1989. Trump is 76.5 In his video, Biden warnedthat “MAGA extremists” –Trump’s slogan is “Make AmericaGreat Again” – were working tostrip away “bedrock freedoms”.“Cutting social security thatyou’ve paid for your entire lifewhile cutting taxes for the verywealthy,” Biden said. “Dictatingwhat healthcare decisions womencan make, banning books, andtelling people who they can love.All while making it more difficultfor you to be able to vote.”Sonderausgabe| Foto: Picture A liance• Coronation •6 The president and his wife, JillBiden, had made his intentionsknown. But Biden felt little needto rush after a better-than-expectedDemocratic performancein the midterm elections tampeddown calls for a serious primarychallenge. Ultimately, the presidentchose to wait until after histour of Ireland, a three-day triphe said restored his “sense ofoptimism”. Returning home, hetold reporters he planned to “runagain”. The vice-president, KamalaHarris, the highest-rankingwoman and person of color in USpolitics, will be Biden’s runningmate again.7 Biden is dogged by low approvalratings and concernsabout his age. Only a quarter ofAmericans want him to run, accordingto the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public AffairsResearch. Among Democrats,that figure is 50%. Should Bidenwin the nomination, as expected,most Democrats will supporthim. …8 Biden has made clear he plansto run on accomplishments in thefirst half of his presidency, whenDemocrats had majorities in Congress.Biden signed the AmericanRescue Plan, delivering financialassistance to those hit hard byCOVID. He also approved a trillioninfrastructure bill; signed thefirst major federal gun safety billin nearly 30 years; pursued initiativesto both treat veterans exposedto toxic burn pits and boostthe semiconductor industry; andmade Ketanji Brown JacksonContinued on page 12Die Nr.1 unter den Vokabeltrainern.€3,50 [a] CHF5,40 [ch]0 – 2 RUN; s.w.u. candidacy Kandidatur — rerun;s.w.u. rematch Neuauflage — to urge auffordern— re-election Wiederwahl — to unleash freisetzen;entfesseln — predecessor Vorgänger(in)3 – 4 to grapple with s.th. mit etw. kämpfen —to ease nachlassen — high Höchststand — toconvulse erschüttern — federal abortion rightslandesweit geltendes Recht auf Abtreibung — toworsen s. verschlimmern — term Amtszeit5 – 7 to strip away abbauen; aufheben — bedrockfundamental — to dictate vorschreiben —midterm elections Kongresswahlen zur Mitte derPräsidentenamtszeit — to tamp down unterdrücken— primary challenge h.: innerparteilicheVorwahl — to restore wiederherstellen — runningmate Kandidat(in) für die Vizepräsidentschaft —dogged geplagt; belastet — low approval ratingschlechte Umfragewerte8 – 9 accomplishment Erfolg — trillion Billion— to pursue vorantreiben — burn pit Brandgrube— semiconductor Halbleiter —

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