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World and Press September 1 2022

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Original Pressetexte aus britischen und US-amerikanischen Medien Sprachtraining, Landeskunde, Vokabelhilfen und Übungsmaterial für Fortgeschrittene Sprachniveau B2 - C2

World and Press September 1

September 1 2022 • No 17 • 74th Year of Publication • Original Pressetexte aus britischen und US-amerikanischen Medien € 3,00 [d] Sprachtraining • Landeskunde • Vokabelhilfen • Übungsmaterial IN FOCUS B2–C2 • Opinion: ‘Childless’ or ‘childfree’? • Society: The crop circle phenomenon Pages 2/3 USA • Opinion: Trashing our public parks • Voting: Immigrant communities push for more non-English ballots Pages 4/5 BRITAIN • Church: Church of Scotland votes to allow same-sex marriages • Community: Food-growing schemes in London Pages 6/7 OTHER TOPICS • South Africa: Vigilantes and violence have migrants scared for their lives • Companies: Inside Ukraine’s new start-up life • Business: Many ice creams, but one cone to rule them all • Jobs: A nightmare on Wall Street is still dream job for many Pages 9/10/11/12 Zusatzmaterial zu dieser Ausgabe. Im Abo PREMIUM sehr viel günstiger! für nur € 5,95 Jetzt im Einzelverkauf €3,50 [a] CHF5,40 [ch] | Photo: Getty Images If you spot an unidentified flying object in your airspace, let the US Defense Department know – officials have promised to take you seriously. Read more on pag e 4 0 – 1 TO BE on a roll e-e Glückssträhne haben — to relish erfreuen; auskosten — aide Berater(in) — to compare favorably “"feIv´r´bli‘ s. im Vergleich positiv abheben — legislative record “"ledZIsl´tIv‘ Erfolgsbilanz bei verabschiedeten Gesetzen — jaunty “"dZO…nti‘ schwungvoll — playful ausgelassen — grin Grinsen — lengthy “"leNTi‘ langwierig — bout “baUt‘ Anfall; h.: Erkrankung — writ large “rIt‘ im Allgemeinen 2 – 3 to catch a break Glück haben — legislation “ÆledZI"sleIS´n‘ Gesetz(e) — cruising to passage auf dem sicheren Weg zur Verabschiedung — manhunt Fahndung; Jagd — aspiration Ambition — hubris Gallery curators who left Britain after the Brexit referendum took with them experience that is now reshaping the art scenes of European cities. Read more on pag e 13 Biden is on a roll that any president would relish. Is it a turning point? PRESIDENT White House aides say the string of victories compares favorably to the two-year legislative record of most any other modern president. By Peter Baker 1 PRESIDENTJoe Biden arrived at Air Force One on Monday with a jaunty step, a playful manner, and a huge grin. “Feeling great,” he declared. He meant physically, having finally ended his lengthy bout with COVID-19, but he could have been talking about his presidency writ large. 2 Biden has emerged from medical isolation to a new political world. Suddenly, the administration that could not get anything right, that could not catch a break, was on a roll that any president would relish: major legislation cruising to passage, at least some economic indicators heading in the right direction, and the world’s most wanted terrorist killed after a two-decade manhunt. 3 Those early aspirations to being another Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson, the ones that felt like so much hubris in the past few months, are being heard again in the halls of the West Wing and the Capitol. White House aides argue that the string of congressional victories – capped by the package of climate, health, and tax provisions that finally cleared the Senate over the weekend – compares favorably President Biden waves to the press before boarding a flight to Dela- ware on August 7, 2022. | Photo: Getty Images to the two-year legislative record of most any other modern president, even perhaps FDR and LBJ. 4 Whether the victories of recent weeks will prove to be a decisive turning point for Biden’s presidency or merely a transitory moment in an otherwise bleak | Photo: Picture Alliance administration, of course, remains to be seen. Biden is still one of the most unpopular presidents in modern history at this point in his term, according to polls, and even some House Democrats quietly worry that none of the achievements will save them from an electoral rout in November. 5 While the domestic package that advanced over the weekend is broadly popular in surveys – and many of its individual components overwhelmingly so – Republicans hope to pull out particular elements and use them as wedge issues against Democrats, characterizing the measure as a tax increase that will empower the IRS to go after middle-class Americans without fighting inflation. Democrats will retaliate by accusing Republicans of voting against drug relief for seniors on behalf of industry patrons. 6 But for now at least, Biden has broken the paralysis that hindered his policy agenda and perhaps dispelled the notion that he could not work his will on a Congress where he served for 36 years. He did it, paradoxically, in part by pulling back and letting senators work out their own differences rather than negotiating himself, resisting the impulses Continued on page 12 “"hju…brIs‘ Überheblichkeit — a string of e-e Reihe von — congressional … “k´n"greS´n´l‘ … im US- Kongress — to cap (fig) krönen — provision Regelung; Klausel — to clear the Senate vom Senat verabschiedet werden 4 decisive “dI"saIsIv‘ entscheidend — merely “"mI´li‘ bloß — transitory “"trœnsIt´ri‘ vorübergehend — bleak düster — term Amtszeit — poll “p´Ul‘; s.w.u. survey “"s‰…veI‘ Umfrage — electoral rout “raUt‘ Wahlschlappe 5 domestic innenpolitisch — overwhelmingly mit überwältigender Mehrheit — wedge issue polarisierendes Thema — measure “"meZ´‘ Maßnahme — to empower s.o. jdm. die Handhabe geben — IRS = Internal Revenue Service “"rev´nju…‘ US- Steuerbehörde — to retaliate “rI"tœlieIt‘ kontern — drug relief vergünstigte Medikamente — on behalf of im Auftrag von — industry patron “"peItr´n‘ h.: Lobbyist(in) 6 – 7 paralysis “p´"rœl´sIs‘ Lähmung; (fig) Stillstand — to hinder behindern — to dispel “dI"spel‘ mit etw. aufräumen — notion Vorstellung — to negotiate “nI"g´USieIt‘ verhandeln — to resist widerstehen

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